Christmas Related Post…


sorry for not blogging much of late, with christmas and all it’s been very busy 🙂

firstly, my full stop button has gone strange so you have to push it really hard to make it work 😉

getting to the point, I think that over christmas most people overindulge etc and forget about others who need help. Whilst you are in a warm room laughing and opening presents, stuffing chocolates whole. Someone is out there huddled in a thin blanket -if they are lucky- facing the cold night without food, water or shelter.

Most  of us take these things for granted, so that’s why this year I have asked that friends & family send either :

money that I can send to charities

– the gift of a goat or some sheep for a family in africa etc from places like thi s:

– or maybe even a gift from somewhere like kenya & the money will go back to the people there

You can make so much of a difference to these peoples lives.

Imagine that you live in a hut made from straw, mud & animal poo. There is only one room and your family of seven live there. Your younger sister is very ill and you help your mother to look after her. Your two older brothers and father go to work so that they can feed the family.The oldest child is only 11.your grandparents can’t go very far and your grandmother has cataracts – her sight is fading away.
The family has barely enough money to eat let alone school their children. Your mother and father teach you when they can in the evenings but it will never be the same.

You could give them:

– 2 chickens for £2, long term

– A durable water tank with tap for the whole community for £18

– 100 textbookss for £50

sports equipment £6

– place for a child in school £21 ( X4 – £84 )

– family food basket £20, short term

– Seeds £12, long term

– £2 a rainwater collection system

– cataracts eye surgery varying but lets say £20

give the family all this for £151

you obviously don’t have to buy all of this, its just an example & every little helps.

This is what would happen.

Food & water would be provided long & short term. a place for one of their children in school and extra rescources.their grandmother would be able to see properly again.

Longer term you could donate more so that all of their children could be in school and maybe even a goat or cow for approximately £90 in  total.

This is a fair amount of money, but very little compared to how much some people spend nowerdays.For one person, it’s a lot but as a team of people you could lessen the load by grouping together etc.

You could arrange a charity event, do a cakesale – classic, but works 😉 or even do what I’m doing.

This is just an example of what you can do to help oters this christmas

for me, The sky is not the limit. There are no limits..

please excuse typos, my cat scratched me and i’m typing with my little finger 🙂



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