the worst thing ever has just oocured to me :O

ok keep calm and carry on but…

I didn’t even do a movember post WHAT WAS I THINKING???

well I’ll just have to do it now then won’t I ?

here it is…

just slightly awesome… and all for a good cause. It couldn’t get much better.

since I could hardly grow a moustache of my own, I wrote movember when we had to write the date in our books. I also drew numerous moustaches.

on the last day of movember I had a new RE teacher and the normal teacher observed from the back, I was in the middle of drawing a moustache in my book nec=xt to the date when our teacher ranted at mea about movember and that it wasn’t even movember anymore bec ause that was the last day of it etc. As a result there was an awkward silence and a half drawn moustache left in my book. I think this was a harsh and pretty rubbish end to movember for me. I hope yours was better 🙂

Anyway happy movember for last month everyone & respect to all those mo bros out there 🙂


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