Deep Thinking…

We watch films, read stories… what are they about?

lots are about people’s lives & great adventures, A lot of the greatest books are.

What is the point, I wonder after a heart warming film, the last page of my favorite series. It is dissapointing to have finished some of the greatest books etc as there is no more eft to read and you read it so quickly because it was so amazing. It’s like a present, its a secret and you want to know what it is but if you find out you will be put out like an inferno distinguished with icy vengeance. Most of the joy is in the suprize.Regret.

I don’t know about you but after a great thing like this I feel all mixed up. It was so good but you wished that you could be involved and the story was real, you were the main character.

If you think about it almost all stories have a problem & the whole adventure is to solve it. Why can’t something really bad happen that I can solve? why do I almost wish for bad? I am such a privelidged person. I am neither rich nor poor but comfortable. I am really greatful for everything. Here I am.

a 12year old girl who is so confused about it all but still understands perfectly.

She sits at the computer and tells all of these people about how she feels about the world yet she knows that really it won’t make any difference.

at somepoint in my life I will do something that nobody wil ever forget and it will change the world. When you google my name it will come up with exactly what you want to hear. At the moment I am the same as all of the rest of the grainsof sand but when that person turns around the sand timer the race will be on…






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