Writing is a surprisingly visual experience.  A good writer sees what they write, and can paint a picture so clear that the reader can see what the writer was seeing.  That’s like a superpower, people.  Sometimes, getting that visual in your head as a writer isn’t as easy as it might sound.  Especially if you are going for a certain feel.  Style gets just as many points as clarity.  When I am out and about in the real world, I am often struck by the awesomeness of a random building, or a sunset, or a person, or anything really.  There is a lot of beauty out there.  Even in desolation, or poverty, or a dirty alley.  The beauty comes in the representation.  And I don’t mean beautiful like Miss America.  I mean stoic, painstakingly emotional.  When an amazing photographer captures a scene, there is emotion in it, and a story…

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