Homemade chalk board…

Heres the tutorial I used: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/02/how-to-mix-chalkboard-paint-in-any-color.html

I decided to use a paintbrush to apply the mixture to my surface, it works but I would recommend using a paint roller for smoother application.

You will thank yourslef later on when using it …

if you were wondering; you can use card or cardboard as you do not need wood etc. I used card with a couple of layers of newspaper pasted on to it, works like a chalkboard perfectly. I framed it without glass so that I can hang it on the wall and continue to use it.colourfull chalks are great and are more vibrant than you may expect 🙂

now I will stop dribbling and let you get on with it …


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