inspiration…. books

I was just browsing through some blog posts when the word liberating caught my eye, this led the word library & I thought of how my blog is – metaphorically speaking – a library…

each post is comparable to a book.
I looked back on the library that is my blog and the spines of books …

I feel somewhat inspired…

This led to the thought of how our books are transforming in to kindles, kobos, electronic devices of such.

at some point in the future maybe there will be no books…

I have the notion to collect as many of them can find, scower the earth before it is too late.

I long to feel the sturdy spine and flickering pages so soft and delicate.I could not bear to see them burn …

IF WE BURN, YOU BURN WITH US – the hunger games

do you agree or dissagree ? please comment below

now I come to think of it this must be my longest post so far – the thickest spine upon the shelf…


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